Most small business unfortunately don’t have responsive websites in today’s ever increasing mobile world.

What is a responsive website you might ask?

Well a responsive website or responsive web design is an approach to web design and programming that is aimed at designing websites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). This way of developing a website is fast becoming the standard because of the increasing use of tablets and smartphones in today’s society.

Search Results

In April 2015, Google changed their search algorithm to give ranking priority to websites that are responsive. Other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc…) are expected to follow soon. What this means is that any website that is able to function and display all of it’s content across different browser resolutions (mobile, table and desktop) will be ranked higher.

Increase in Web Traffic

Because more people are accessing the internet with either a smartphone or tablet, it makes sense to have a responsive website. Most websites that are not responsive will not display correctly on smartphones or smaller tablets because the websites are too large, which will prevent customers from reading the content and / or making purchases. If the websites can be displayed and function across multiple devices, then it can be very effective sources of information and revenue generator regardless of what devices the user is accessing the site from.

Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of having a responsive site will be in customers satisfaction. Your website users will respond positively to websites that are easy to navigate, easy to read and that do not require different devices for different functionality to work as expected. If a user needs to upload a document, it would be beneficial for them to be able to preform the upload with a mobile device or tablet than to wait several hours later to use a desktop computer. Emphasizing customer satisfaction or ease of use should be a top priority for website owners who want to increase profits and to expand business operations.

If your website isn’t responsive, contact us today so we can help you convert your existing website to be responsive!